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Owning Real Estate in Istanbul and Its Advantages!
Owning Real Estate in Istanbul and Its Advantages!
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Şuan Offine!
Şuan Offine!
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Why invest in Turkish Property
Turkey is a big country that bridges Asia and Europe. With a population of approximately 82 million as at 2020, and a high proportion of that being young, Turkey is an perfect country for investors who want to take advantage of a fast-developing real estate industry. Also Turkey provides an extremely reliable market. 
The country’s economy is characterized by stable growth and is one of the twenty largest economies in the world. Real estate prices are also rising steadily. 
Those who bought property in Turkey a few years ago can now sell it for a much higher price. The real estate in Istanbul is constantly growing. And every year, many new buildings are being built in Turkey, including many luxury resorts that offer high-end services. In the light of all the facts mentioned above, if you are looking for a property for sale in Istanbul / Turkey first you must check Big Property Agency. They give their customers the best price in the market based on their long experience.
Info: https://www.bigpropertyagency.com/
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